Are you scouring the internet and flipping through magazines searching for the most unique ways to add your unique personality and that extra “punch” to your wedding? The WOW factor, or a memorable impression that will remain with your guests long after your day is past? Power Play Entertainment offers a variety of special touches that will bring absolute surprise and splendor to what you are planning.

Here are some ideas.


Lighting is truly the jewelry of any space and event. After you have the location and know the type of décor and feel you are going for, it is time to secure the accessories. Decorative lighting will bring everything together and add a magical touch. Lighting allows all the beautiful details that you’ve spent time putting into place to be seen by your guests.

UPLIGHTINGThis one element will unify the color scheme of your wedding. If you want to create a blue theme, uplight the room in blue and tie it all together. Maybe you are going after a very formal evening event with white tablecloths and a lot of candles, a light amber will add that golden glow and a strong touch of romance. Starting at $499. 

PPE offers wireless LED lighting fixtures that do not generate heat. With a built-in, self-contained power source there are no unsightly cables or wires that need to be taped down. This is the most sophisticated, programmable uplighting available today. This system allows any color scheme you create and want, to be matched, and is approved for indoor and outdoor use.

    DANCE FLOOR LIGHTING First choose the look you are after; a soft glowing, romantic effect on the dance floor, a disco club atmosphere, or a southern ho-down. Nothing is out of the question with intelligent lighting, lasers, and special effects. Starting at $250.

    Lighting options will depend on the location of your dance floor. Is it under a tent, in your backyard, or in a ballroom? The colors and amount of lighting used are something our knowledgeable team will gladly guide you on, and explain to you. Quality dance floor lighting will create a mood that will enhance the music and your wedding. 

    CUSTOM MONOGRAM PROJECTION Your monogram in lights, on the wall, or on the dance floor will bring together design elements that you may have incorporated into your invitations or on your wedding cake, in a very cost-effective, yet powerful way. A monogram light (GoBo) is a design that creates an elegant focal point and the perfect finishing touch to the beautiful efforts you’ve put into the décor of your wedding reception. Starting at $399

    Showcase your new monogram, and create a truly custom design utilizing a large choice of fonts and enhancements. The design that you create will be laser etched to provide you with an exact replica. This small element will create a BIG wow factor!

    CEILING MOUNTED PIN SPOT LIGHTING –Are you spending a lot of time, money, and effort on choosing and creating beautiful floral arrangements and linens for your guest tables, your wedding cake, or an ice sculpture? Then put them under a spotlight? This small detail will make these elements pop, bringing out vibrant colors and details that might not be seen in a dark room. Call for pricing. 

    Power Play Entertainment offers wireless pinspots that are mounted on the ceiling with special brackets. They are discrete and not an obtrusive eye-sore. They can provide white or colorful light and be dimmed or turned on and off by remote control. Pinspots are the perfect way to highlight special or significant elements of your wedding. 


    PREMIERE COLD SPARKS AND PARTY CANNONS – Get the party going with our Cold Sparks and Party Cannon package! 

    • Up to four individual Cold Spark Units.
    • Two individual CO2 Party Cannons.
    • Our Cold Sparks are indoor safe!
    • Great for your grand entrance or to add a bit of flair to your dance floor.
    • Cold Sparks and Party Cannons can be purchased a la carte. Please call for individual pricing. 



      ROAMER – For convenience, fun and to avoid your guests waiting in line, PPE introduces the Roamer All Digital Photo Booth! This is not something that is tucked in the corner of your reception area. This is a mobile photo booth that has the ability to roam the party and capture photos from anywhere. No one will miss out. $699. 

      A specially trained photo booth attendant will “roam” around your event with the roaming photo booth in hand. The Roamer comes to your guests, rather than your guests getting up from the table or taking time from the dance floor to wait in line for the photo booth experience. This will capture all the fun and each session takes less than a minute. This is a mobile, interactive photo experience that will capture candid moments and even some beautiful portraits.

      Once a photo is taken it can immediately be sent to a mobile device; complete with icons that allow you to share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There is also a convenient download button, and anyone can also access the event gallery and enjoy viewing all the photos live during the event!

      PREMIERE ALL INCLUSIVE PHOTO BOOTH – Get everything you will need with this all-inclusive package. Unlimited pictures. Professional equipment. Trained, friendly, fun staff to assist your guests through your event. Following are the details and features. $899. 

      • Open Booth that will accommodate 8-10 guests. Requires a 10′ X 10′ space. Freestanding background included.
      • Closed Inflatable LED Light-Up Booth will accommodate 4-6 guests. Provides privacy with an entirely enclosed booth. Requires 5′ X 8′ space.
      • Premium quality Prints. 2″ x 6″, instant drying. Very quick.
      • Unlimited Photos, prints, and copies.
      • Professional Camera
      • Online Gallery – View the photos with online access for everyone..
      • Professional Staff – On location throughout your event to assist your guests.
      • Personalize All Your Prints – Names. Dates. Be creative!
      • Props – Providing lots of fun options.


        MAGIC MIRROR PHOTOBOOTH – This is the ultimate hands-free selfie, making posing easy! Who doesn’t like looking in a mirror to make sure they look their best? This 6′ tall full-length magic mirror literally shows your guests a reflection, so they know exactly how the photo will look, but it also provides them with a range of great animations and clever ways to customize their photo. They can choose from hundreds of emojis and stickers, or they can add handwritten messages and more. The camera is behind the two-way mirror and shoots through it. $1250. 

        Following is a list of features that this amazing new technology includes.

        • 3 hours of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth
        • Optional backdrop
        • Professional, quality, photo booth props
        • Unlimited, fully customized 4″ X 6″ prints
        • Red carpet and stanchions
        • All photos are added to your private online gallery so you and all your guests can access and enjoy
        • Free text messaging, email, and social media integration

        Crooner - A True Throwback

        It doesn't get much cooler than this! Our crooner package brings that Rat Pack sound to your reception or event. Your guests will love their dinner hour while being entertained by the vocal stylings of our resident Sinatra guy and consummate performer, David Carson.


        DANCING ON A CLOUD – Dancing on a cloud is how you should always remember your first dance as a married couple.  This ethereal effect is created by using a professional dry ice machine that produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising above knee level. $475.

        Create a once-in-a-lifetime photo opp and memories that will last forever with this wonderful enhancement. Another way to make your wedding leave a lasting impression.


        COLD SPARKS – Your wedding is the perfect event to go all out with dramatic special effects. PPE is excited to offer a cold sparkler machine that will create a truly memorable WOW impression for your guests. Starting at $800. 

        A cold spark machine creates spectacular fireworks in an indoor setting. The machine produces non-flammable sparks with almost no smoke or odor. Cold Spark machines are compact metal boxes with a stylish design that will blend into their surroundings. The height of the sparkling burst can be adjusted to accommodate low ceilings. Cold Spark bursts are great enhancements for photos and videos. Sync the Cold Sparks around your grand entrance, your first dance, the cutting of the cake, and your send-off!

        PPE technicians are fully licensed and insured. The only thing you need to do is make sure your venue is good to go with this unique décor enhancement.


        STRING QUARTETS, SINGERS, BANDS, GUITARISTS, HARPISTS – These are all great options for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Call for pricing.

        PPE offers some of the most talented live performers in the region! Choosing the perfect music that reflects your personalities, enhances the vibe you are trying to create, and appeals to your family and friends, takes thought along with guidance and inspiration from PPE professionals who have 30+ years of event planning and coordination experience. 

        Your wedding venue creates a significant factor in the type of music you may choose. Outside performances may sound different than when indoors with a low ceiling.





        When creating your “Play List” there are traditional and non-traditional/contemporary music options. Remember music originally created for a full band or ensemble will sound much different when played by a solo instrumentalist such as a Harpist, Pianist, or Guitarist.

        All of these factors and more will be well-thought-out when creating spectacular music for your wedding. From a romantic vibe for the ceremony to an elegant vibe for the cocktail hour and then a rocking good time for your reception party, Power Play Entertainment has you covered.

        Visit our Live Music page for additional information and ideas.


        Karaoke can be a lot of fun at weddings! You might want to consider a few factors

        • Having a few friends planted to sing a pre-selected song
        • A place for people to go, where they can just sit and chat if they want to opt out of this part of the reception
        • Limiting the selection of tracks

        PPE offers Karaoke as a stand-alone entertainment option, or it can be added to our DJ Package. This service includes thousands of the most popular sing-alongs, wireless mics, and multiple monitors. Call for pricing. 

        Here are a few very popular karaoke tracks

        • “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler
        • “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars
        • “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys
        • “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond
        • “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston
        • “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
        • “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts


        PPE understands there is a lot of pressure on you to create a remarkable event; something different and exciting from all of your friend’s weddings. A great way to direct and influence the mood, and take your reception to a whole new level, while making sure everyone has a great time, is to utilize an LED dance floor. Starting at $3,500. 

        Your dance floor can be all white for a formal, elegant event. For a fun retro disco theme, make it multi-colored squares. Tie the color of your dance floor into the palette of your wedding décor. It can be sparkly for a glamorous look with a little or a lot of bling. Your opportunities to create a custom dance floor are limited only by your imagination because of the digital nature of an LED dance floor!


         Since LED dance floors are modular, they allow for flexible configurations to fit your space. They also add a glow that illuminates the floor and will keep your guests safely dancing the night away, and from tripping on a dark dance floor.

        An LED dance floor will bring a little extra punch of life to your party and is an enhancement that will go a long way in creating an outstanding occasion. 


        An LED video wall is comprised of 22” square tiles that can be configured to fit your venue and your needs. These are not monitors that are placed together, they are a series of LED screens with a zero bevel edge that are linked together. This provides a seamless, larger-than-life, LED image that offers sharp clarity. These walls can be created in different shapes and sizes to meet your exact needs and desires. Call for pricing. 


        Why Consider a Video Wall –

        • They allow everyone to view the images or videos that you are presenting from anywhere in your venue
        • They are completely adjustable and customizable to your specific requirements and needs. A trained member of the PPE team will help you choose, design, and create the perfect Video Wall for your event
        • Don’t worry about blowing a fuse or insufficient power sources. LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, making your Video Wall very energy-efficient
        • Renting an LED Video Wall allows you to add a backdrop with exceptional image clarity and color. Be creative. Consider an image of the Eiffel Tower lit at night, a moonlit lake, or the Northern Lights
        • Your LED Video Wall can be combined with a live camera feed for additional value and entertainment

        Your options are limitless. One thing is for sure, as you plan your wedding and the entertainment, this is another enhancement available to you, that will create a memorable wedding.

         Want to make your event unforgettable and distinctive? From elegant uplighting and club-style lasers to live performers and photo booths, Power Play Entertainment can bring your ideas to life. Perhaps it’s adding live music to your ceremony or cocktail/dinner hour? Maybe you would like aerial drone coverage of your ceremony? Dancefloor lighting, video walls, and more…we do it all! Speak with one of our event coordinators to see how we can set your reception apart from all others.