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Being an experienced wedding DJ & MC is significantly different from rocking a club crowd. A wedding DJ has to have musical knowledge, and the ability to mix songs together. The DJs we employ are not just starting! They have years of experience and are mentored by experts who have had decades in this industry.

Power Play Entertainment not only invests in the latest state-of-the-art equipment but also in music, marketing, and most importantly in our DJs & MCs. First-class customer service doesn’t just happen. This is something that is taught and practiced and why PPE is one of the most requested entertainment companies delivering professional, one-of-a-kind customer service in the Delaware Valley.

Couples hire us for our expertise, not just for the song selections that are offered. They look at how Power Play Entertainment DJs will interact with the venue, the other vendors, and their guests!

Many components go into creating a great party experience at a Wedding. The DJ / MC that you choose must be able to manage a timeline! That is one of the most critical aspects of this position. Making sure that the venue and vendors are in sync is a big responsibility. For example, the DJ needs to make sure that as you start your special dance the photographer and videographer are in a position to capture the moment. It truly takes hours of planning with the couple to ensure that everything will be managed seamlessly, that all of your must-play songs are included and everyone agrees and is tuned in to the flow of the event.

Every wedding is unique. We do not provide a “cookie cutter” experience. Our DJs / MCs will focus their full attention on you and your wedding, guaranteeing a fabulous time and a memorable event.

Ceremony Options

Philadelphia Wedding CeremonyYour PPE DJ will provide the appropriate musical background for any style of ceremony. From the ballroom to the beach, your wedding party, and of course the two of you, will make a grand entrance to the perfect songs that will set the tone and ambiance for this very special time.

Do you prefer live music for your ceremony? The options available to you, through Power Play Entertainment include vocalists, pianists, guitarists, harpists, string quartets, or almost anything else you are envisioning. Every live performer is a talented and seasoned professional. Please click here to explore the options.


Cocktail Hour

This is where you and your guests get to sip, munch, and mingle! PPE DJs/MCs will work with you to plan the ideal music, setting the desired mood and atmosphere that will get your reception off to a great start. It is suggested, from experience, that the Cocktail Hour music be at a lower volume so the conversation as people are meeting and reuniting is not overshadowed.

Wedding Party Introductions

Best Wedding DJ in PhiladelphiaThis is where the reception/party starts! The guests are called to their feet and every member of the wedding party is given their time to shine. Introducing these special people in your lives is a memorable and effective way to honor them at your wedding. A PPE DJ/MC will take these introductions to the next level creatively announcing them in the order they walked down the aisle while playing the music you have chosen that fits their personality and style!

Currently, wedding reception entrance songs like “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, “Bring Em Out” by T.I., “Forever” by Chris Brown, and a host of others are trending for this important part of the reception.

Drum roll please . . . now it’s time for the two of you to make your grand entrance! In choosing your perfect entrance song consider the overall mood you are trying to achieve, your personality as a couple, any specific lyrics, and the genre of music that is meaningful to you. These are all things that the team at Power Play Entertainment is experienced in, and can guide you in choosing the perfect tune to make your entrance a “One In A Million”. 

Special Dances

Every culture has its own traditions and special dances. The DJs / MCs of Power Play Entertainment have experienced many of them throughout the years. Our team will share their knowledge and expertise during the planning of your wedding, but we understand when couples want to mix things up and do something creatively different. So feel free. It’s Your Day . . . so do it Your Way!

Here are a few of the Special Dances you may want to consider –

Your First Dance as a married couple. The Parents Dance. The Father-Daughter Dance. The Mother-Son Dance. The Hora. The Scottish Sword Dance. The Greek Tsamiko Dance. The Italian Tarantella Dance. The Cuban Conga Line. There are too many to mention them all. Simply ask and we will make sure the Special Dances that are important to both of you and your families are a part of your celebration!

Dinner Music

Everyone is settling into a great meal and light, easy conversation. Your wedding dinner playlist can set the right ambiance without being so loud or hectic that everyone can’t chat. However, it shouldn’t be so slow that the room starts to lull and people fall into a food coma! It’s a balancing act that the Power Play Entertainment team has learned to master.

Here are some Dinner Music options – The very popular “Crooner” package, which includes Frank Sinatra lyrics, Elvis Presley lyrics, Harry Connick, Jr. lyrics, Michael Buble lyrics, and Jason Mraz lyrics – all beautiful, meaningful, and romantic. You may want to consider Jazz, Blues, or Swing Music. A theme is a fantastic idea to create an atmosphere; like all Irish Music, or Golden Oldies. If you have a special theme in mind, share it and it will be our pleasure to bring it to life. Please inquire about these specialties by calling (610)331-6770.   

Party Time

Pretty much anyone when asked, will tell you that the reception is their favorite part of any wedding. Yes, the ceremony was a tear-jerker and gorgeous, and the cocktail hour was a social heaven with amazing hors ‘oeuvres – but honestly, who doesn’t LOVE a good party? Great Music brings any party to life! From mixing up the genres to creating a good mix of fast and slow beats, crafting the perfect playlist takes knowledge, experience, and time.

Whatever your flavor, from Contemporary Pop, Motown, Rock, Oldies, Country, R&B, or a combination of all of them Power Play Entertainment DJs/MCs will help you create a canvas and a playlist of dance songs for your family and friends that will have them up and dancing for the entire reception.

To enhance the party atmosphere choose a professionally rated dance floor lighting package. From a small dance floor to something you would experience at a concert, it is available for you. Click the link to learn more.

Music is such an important part of every aspect of your wedding. Leaving it to the end to organize could be a big mistake. Music makes the party and needs to be a top priority during your planning.

Music Sets The Tone of the event.

Music Brings People Together.

Make Your Music Memorable!

Power Play Entertainment Will Help You Get The Party Started!

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